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   Our products are dyed using natural dyes found in fruits and vegetables.  
Using only natural dyes ensures that irritants and allergies caused
by chemicals are  kept to a minimum.


  ■persimmon-dyed rush grass material products
   The use of persimmon juice as dye makes the rush grass materials more water-repellent. 
    It is treated to repel insects and is antibacterial
  ■nut-dyed rush grass material products
   In Japan it is traditionally believed that nut burrs are effectual   
   against dermatosis and bacterial infection
  ■onion-dyed rush grass material products
   Onions have long been used for food and in cosmetics for fragrance and pigment. 
  ■indigo-dyed material products
   To provide the best handcrafted products we have obtained genuine indigo from Awa district in
   Tokunoshima Japan.  This provides a wonderful aroma for relaxation.

    * Every care is taken during the dying and sun drying process. 
      However occasionally some fading or unequal colouring will take place.

* Please take advantage of  natural dyed rush grass products!

(Head quarter Japanese)

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