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Q.Marks left by felt-tip pen or crayon?
A.Nail-polish remover will clean up any oil based marks.  For crayon marks use a dry cloth with a bit of cream cleaner that is used for sinks etc.
Q.How to remove indents left by furniture?
A.Spray hot water on the indents ( 凹 )  and iron with a wet cloth.
Q.If the Colours fade?
A.Wipe the mat with a solution of water and vinegar (4:1).  Make sure the cloth is wrung out well
Q.How to take care of the surface of TATAMI (rush grass mat)?
A. Clean regularly with a cloth well wrung out along the grain of the TATAMI mat.
Q.How to clean up if pets have urinate ?
A.Please sprinkle salt, powder or flour over the wet area to soak up the moisture, then wipe off with a the well wrung out cloth.  (This method will also  deal with baby's urine and kerosene. )
Q.About mold.
A. The first thing to understand about mold is that it exists everywhere, in soil and air.  Mold usually appears when the humidity is over 70%.
Q.How to prevent mold?
A.The best way to prevent mold is to improve ventilation.  Keeping the mats and rugs clean will also help in the prevention of mold.
Q.What to do if mold occurs?
A.Use a thin solution of bleach water (less than 5% bleach). Then wipe the mat or rug gently to remove the mold.  Allow to dry then wipe with rubbing alcohol.


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