Indication under Specified Commercial Transactions
Trade Name
Kyushu Bussan Co.,Ltd
Toshifumi Tomozoe
10,000,000 JPN
Since 1949
Address of Company
495-2 Yoshigai Mitsuhashi-machi Yanagawa-shi Fukuoka-ken  832-0802 JAPAN
Main Office Phone Number
+81-944(74)1978 (Main)
Main Office Fax Number
e-mail   (Headquarter)   
IGUSA (rush grass) materials Products  Manufacture &  Wholesale
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Please pay the price plus shipping and COD fee when you receive your order.
shipping fee
(incl. TAX, JPN)


Hokkaidou Touhoku-north Nantou-north Kantou Shinetsu Chubu
1,365 1,050 1,050 840 840 683
Hokuriku Kansai Chougoku Shikoku Kyushyu Okinawa
683 578 473 578 420 840
COD fee (domestic)
less than 10,000 315 JPN
10,000〜30,000 420 JPN
about 2 weeks
*Kuroneko Direct Service (COD) or Bank transfer
If you wish to cancel your order, Please do so within 2 weeks.

Please be advised that some products cannot be returned after use.

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